SoftLayer + MongoHQ = Amazing Performance


Have you ever wanted amazing performance up and down your stack? Of course you have.

MongoHQ has teamed up with SoftLayer to provide the stack. We bring the managed MongoDB; SoftLayer is bringing their awesome backbone of globally connected data centers.

We are offering our SSD plans and dedicated managed servers in SoftLayer's Dallas data center. The MongoDB SSD offerings have plans at 4GB, 25GB, and 150GB. Each plan scales with zero-downtime with RAM, CPU, and I/O capabilities according to your data size. With these plans, you can get started immediately. It's the easiest way to get started with MongoDB on SoftLayer.

To get started

To get started with the SSD plans on SoftLayer, just sign up for an account with MongoHQ and create your database. It only takes 60 seconds and you're off! Create an account with MongoHQ to get started.

For more information, see our overview of MongoHQ on SoftLayer.

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