SSD-Backed MongoDB Now Available on Heroku's Marketplace


We've added our SSD Replica Sets to the Heroku marketplace and increased the maximum data capacity. These databases offer smooth scaling up to 150GB with zero downtime.

All SSD plans have aggressive 1-RAM-to-10-storage ratios. The largest plan, the 150 GB SSD, has 15 GB of RAM. When working with customers, we've found this 1-to-10 ratio to be the golden ratio for solid MongoDB performance. Indexes at 1/10th the size of your database is the sign of an optimized platform. We target the optimal ram-to-storage ratio for performance. It ensures your hot data stays fast.

With these SSD options, we combine top-notch MongoDB performance with Heroku's platform. To get started with these plans, visit the Heroku Add-on Marketplace.