Support Desk: Elasticsearch 1.3.4 Update


Rocco at the Support Desk

Although we've just launched RethinkDB on Compose, we've been keeping busy with our other databases. Elasticsearch 1.3.4 is now available to our Elasticsearch users. Elasticsearch 1.3.3 was released recently and included changes which reduced memory consumption and garbage collection in the new networking code as well as fixing two potential corruption bugs.

But within days of that arriving Elasticsearch 1.3.4 was released fixing some issues which specifically affected 1.3.3 users with a large number of shards. We decided to defer offering 1.3.4 until we were happy there were no new issues and we're happy now to make it available. You can upgrade your Elasticsearch deployment by going to Settings in your Elasticsearch deployment, selecting 1.3.4 in the Change Version panel and clicking the Change Version button.

If you have any questions, the support desk is there to help – just drop a mail to

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