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We love to hear about when our customers do well. One of our customers is Tablelist, a smartphone app way for you to book up your VIP night. Using your iOS or Android phone you can be reserving your table and drinks long before you reach the venue and take care of the bill like a Uber-for-Partying.

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It's a cool idea and we were really pleased to hear they'd closed their first round of funding raising $1.5M. What happened next though really made our day as we got a mail from Tablelist's Lead Engineer, Andrew Barba...

Hey MongoHQ!

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the support and amazing service you have given us over the past 8 months. At Tablelist we just closed our first big round of funding and you guys played a much larger role in that than you might think. I know we'll never be your highest paying customer but I try and be the most vocal. Keep up the awesome work!

- Andrew

We'd talked with Andrew earlier in the year about how MongoHQ helped Tablelist. He'd come to MongoHQ because previous experience had shown him how, in combination with Heroku, we could take care of the backbone/infrastructure leaving him more time to focus on building the application.Not knowing MongoDB as well as we do, Andrew brought his infrastructure needs to us so we could take care of the day-to-day ops, the scaling up and the backups.

Tablelist actually run two Elastic Deployment databases at MongoHQ, production and development. MongoHQ makes it easy to clone databases so why run your development database where it won't be deployed when you can run it in exactly the same environment. Its a compelling proposition and one Tablelist make full use of.

With 100% uptime since they started using MongoHQ, they had the confidence to rapidly build Tablelist from its roots in the Boston area to provide their party booking service in Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC, Miami and Los Angeles. "I can't imagine using anything else" he says, listing not only our customer support but also the statistics ("awesome") and New Relic integration.

At MongoHQ, that's how we want all our customers to feel. We're committed to delivering the best hosted database instance on the net, taking away your worries and bringing you customer service that makes you feel like your more than a customer. If you want to see what that feels like, sign up today for a MongoDB Elastic Deployment, and give it a try.

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