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Compose Notes: Portal Powerups and Deleted Deployments

There's now the option to power up more Compose Portals and we've made a recently introduced feature, Deleted Deployments, easier to work with - in this Compose Notes, we'll tell you all about them: Deleted Deployments When we introduced the ability…

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Compose has your back(ups)

What if you deleted a deployment by mistake, or you wished you had access to a deployment's data that you deleted weeks or months ago? Compose has a solution to your problem and it doesn't involve sending a message to support. Compose database deploy…

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Rapid Restore: Faster recovery for Compose MongoDB

We've just introduced a new rapid restore system for Compose MongoDB users which will get them back up and running even more quickly when they need to turn the clock back on their databases. Our no-stop backup system is so effective that we had to u…

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