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Talking ScyllaDB with CTO Avi Kivity

We recently sat down with CTO of ScyllaDB, Avi Kivity, to talk about Scylla, its roots, how it approaches being Cassandra compatible, and where Scylla is going from here. Dj Walker-Morgan: Hi Avi, as you know, at Compose we are just rolling out Scyl…

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Compose's Little Bits #20 - SQL Server on Linux, InfluxDB, Cassandra, Flink and more

Microsoft and SQL Server on Linux, InfluxDB commercial clustering, Cassandra's tock, Flink's 1.0.0, Best Clouds, Qubes, Node.js and DROWN and Github's Thumbs – all the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one…

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The Compose Platform and the Cassandra Challenge

Bringing new databases onto the Compose platform isn't simple, but that's because we need to make them work with our architecture and sometimes the architecture of the database can clash with the way the Compose platform works. When we're asked if we…

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