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Flying Donut – Making the Most of Compose

Flying Donut has created a simple and intuitive agile collaboration and project tracking tool running on Compose MongoDB and RabbitMQ. Founded in 2012, Flying Donut was born from the frustration that Ioannis Tzikas, Dimitrios Souflis, Pinelopi Kouler…

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Tablelist Fights for Your Right to Party

We love to hear about when our customers do well. One of our customers is Tablelist, a smartphone app way for you to book up your VIP night. Using your iOS or Android phone you can be reserving your table and drinks long before you reach the venue an…

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Q&A with Gild

Ever wondered how other people are making the most of MongoDB and MongoHQ? Every application is different, and has its own unique challenges. So, it’s interesting to see how other people manage their MongoDBs, the difficulties they’ve had to overcome…

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