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Join us for DataLayer

Compose is hosting an all new conference to have a conversation about data and how managing it has become the fabric of application development. At one time, a monolithic database probably made sense for most developers, but those days are long gone.…

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Compose and Seattle: Unremoting and DataLayer

This week sees a Compose tradition taking place in Seattle as the whole, much expanded Compose team gets together to work together and to be there for the DataLayer conference. The Unremoting, as we call it is the way we bring an all-remote company t…

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Scylla 1.3, Conferences, Apollo, CockroachDB, gRPC, Redbot and more : Compose's Little Bits 45

Scylla is thrifty with 1.3, Conferences to go to, Apollo's typescripted GraphQL re-write, CockroachDB's code yellow, gRPC hits 1.0, Redbot's graphical chatbot, Redisson's Redis-backed Java objects, tales of terror from JavaScript testing and PicoLisp…

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