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Improved Performance for Redis Cache Mode on Compose

tl;dr - We've boosted the reliability of Cache Mode on Compose by disabling backups and persistence by default on all Redis deployments using that mode. But if you need them enabled, all you need to do is turn it on. We made some changes recently to…

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Compose Notes: Portal Powerups and Deleted Deployments

There's now the option to power up more Compose Portals and we've made a recently introduced feature, Deleted Deployments, easier to work with - in this Compose Notes, we'll tell you all about them: Deleted Deployments When we introduced the ability…

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Watch: Create a PostgreSQL Deployment on Compose and Load It

This screencast walks thru creating a deployment. We load festival data from the Bonnaroo 2016 lineup into an example database via psql. Through Compose's online data browser, we review the example schema and seed data. Plus, there is a quick example…

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