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Our next DigitalOcean Location: a Winner Is You!

When we launched Compose MongoDB deployments on DigitalOcean's New York City datacenter, we knew we were answering a pent up demand for our auto-scaling MongoDB with DigitialOcean's SSD backed hosting. When the launch went so well, we knew we'd need…

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Are You Still Playing in the MongoHQ Sandbox?

As many of you know, MongoHQ runs free MongoDB sandboxes, mainly for experimenting and getting to know hosted MongoDB. We want you to understand what the sandboxes are designed for, what their limitations are and why you may want to start with or mig…

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MongoDB Elastic Deployments Now Available in Europe

We're excited to announce today that our Elastic Deployments are now available in Europe. These represent the best in hosted MongoDB -- SSD-backed replica sets that auto-scale as your data grows, for a flat price of $18/GB/month. Putting a datacenter…

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