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Open Sourcing Compose Governor - a Toolkit for Running HA Postgres

When we explained how we do PostgreSQL High Availability back in January, we told you about the Governor. The Governor is our own HA software solution based around etcd. It lets us ensure our PostgreSQL clusters stay available without burying them in…

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High Availability for PostgreSQL, Batteries Not Included

TL;DR: Core to our PostgreSQL High Availability system is the Governor application which uses Etcd as its repository of truth to discover which database instance is leader. When we decided to bring PostgreSQL to the Compose platform, we already knew…

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Announcing MongoHQ Replica Set Plans

Behind the scenes, for a couple of months now, we have been beta testing some of the great new features of MongoDB 1.8 with a few of our customers. Now, we are excited to announce that we offer high-availability multi-node replica set plans on the Mo…

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