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How Compose uses Interviewed and Slack to automate blind-hiring

Many a word has been written about hiring practices. At Compose, we implement blind-hiring and evaluate candidates based on anonymized work samples. To many applicants, this is a forward thinking and refreshing approach. To others, they lament exposi…

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Compose Hiring: Scaling to 100

When you join forces with a massive international technology giant (like IBM), you can never be quite sure what to expect. As we've previously commented, we feel its been pretty positive. With an army of new colleagues and abundant resources behind u…

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Hiring: How We Do It

Our hiring process is different, very different. It's designed to be as fair and effective as possible. Tim Yocum explains how and why we do it differently at Compose. Hiring is a difficult task for most small companies. Finding the right fit is ofte…

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