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Is PostgreSQL Your Next JSON Database?

TL;DR: Betteridge's law applies unless your JSON is fairly unchanging and needs to be queried a lot. With the most recent version of PostgreSQL gaining ever more JSON capabilities, we've been asked if PostgreSQL could replace MongoDB as a JSON databa…

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Could PostgreSQL 9.5 be your next JSON database?

TL;DR: No, but that's not the right question. Just over a year ago we asked Is PostgreSQL Your Next JSON Database... Now, with PostgreSQL 9.5 out, it's time to check if Betteridge's law still applies. So let's talk about JSONB support in PostgreSQL 9…

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Transporter Driving 3: Restoring and Extracting

We've previously shown some examples of how to use the Compose Transporter for moving data around between databases, and how to upload files to other databases. Transporter can also be used to transform existing data into more useful formats too. For…

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