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Compose Notes: Java and Let's Encrypt certificates

With the recent arrival of Let's Encrypt TLS/SSL certificate support on Compose's Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ, we've noticed some issues popping up from the rabbit hole that is this encryption support. Top of that list is problems with Java connectio…

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Getting Connected with RabbitMQ and Elasticsearch

The latest enhancement to Compose makes your life simpler and more secure with the introduction of TLS/SSL certificates backed and verified by Let's Encrypt. We've initially rolled out this new certificate scheme for users of RabbitMQ and Elasticsear…

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Arriving now on Compose - Let's Encrypt TLS Certificates

TL;DR: Compose Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ deployments are being offered an upgrade to easier, more reliable Let's Encrypt security certificate-backed connections. We've just begun rolling out a new way of securing your connections to Compose database…

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