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Configuring RabbitMQ Exchanges, Queues and Bindings: Part 2

We continue our look at configuring RabbitMQ in this article as we move on to queues and bindings. We'll also look at what happens to messages that don't have anywhere to go. In Part 1 we learned about message basics, including producers and consumer…

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Configuring RabbitMQ Exchanges, Queues and Bindings: Part 1

Just starting with RabbitMQ and want to understand the configuration options better? In this article, we'll dive into configuring exchanges, queues and bindings, discussing different setup choices and reviewing a variety of configuration settings. Ra…

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Messaging, AMQP and RabbitMQ - A Speed Guide

With RabbitMQ being Compose's first messaging product, it's a good time to explain the concepts behind messaging and how they relate to Compose RabbitMQ. What is messaging? Messaging, or Enterprise Messaging as it is often referred to, is about movi…

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