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Compose's new primetime MongoDB

We've got big changes to Compose's MongoDB happening right now. For the past months we've been working away on what we've called MongoDB+, offering the service in beta with the latest MongoDB, most recently rolling out MongoDB 3.2. Well, today, we're…

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Now available on Compose - MongoDB 3.2

If you've been looking forward to some of the features of the recently released MongoDB 3.2 and waiting to try them on the Compose platform, we have good news for you. We've just turned on the ability to upgrade to MongoDB 3.2 on our beta MongoDB+ SS…

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Bringing SSL and more to Compose MongoDB

TL;DR: There's a new MongoDB deployment option going into beta at Compose and it brings SSL connectivity and a new flexible configuration to the table. Over the last year, since introducing MongoDB Elastic Deployments, we've been working on the next…

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