Articles in mongodb 3.0

Mongo Retooled - or "Whatever happened to --dbpath"

With the arrival on MongoDB 3.0, one of the less discussed changes is the complete reworking of the MongoDB tools such as mongodump. The first thing anyone notices is that the --dbpath option has gone and, if you like to work with your MongoDB files…

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Meteor Now Works with Latest MongoDB

The developers at Meteor have just released Meteor 1.0.4. This release is great news for any Compose and Meteor users who've been keeping their MongoDB database at version 2.4 or requesting downgrades, because this new Meteor officially supports Mon…

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MongoDB 3.0 on Compose

First up, congratulations to MongoDB, Inc for releasing MongoDB 3.0. We know a lot of you are already waiting to try out the recently released MongoDB 3.0 on Compose, if our support mailbag is anything to go by. That's why we're happy to announce tha…

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