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Mongoose 4 & Replica Sets

Some big changes have happened in some projects we've talked about before at the Compose blog and over the next few weeks, we'll be bringing you up to date with them. For our first refresher, we're going to look at Mongoose. Mongoose 4 Mongoose is a…

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Mongoosastic: The Power of MongoDB & Elasticsearch Together

TL;DR: Two databases can be better as one as we show how you can use Mongoosastic to user MongoDB and Elasticsearch at the same time leveraging each one's strengths without rebuilding your code. At Compose we're all about using the right database for…

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Mongoose Reintroduced

TL;DR: An interactive introduction to Mongoose, the ODM for Node.js and MongoDB. In the recent months, regular readers will have noticed that we have had a lot of Node.js based examples. One reader asked why we were only using the MongoDB driver rath…

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