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Optimizing SDNs for Compose Elasticsearch

As you may have read, we've taken the beta label off Compose Elasticsearch. We spent months refining our high performance Elasticsearch offering and making sure it was as exceptionally good as our other databases. During that time we hit a few obstac…

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MongoDB Slow Queries Tracker & Profiler

Update: This feature was deprecated in March 2016. For further details see this Compose Note. “How can I get more performance from my database?” “Is MongoDB web-scale?” ** Typically, when we answer these questions for MongoDB databases, we are lookin…

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MongoDB Indexing Best Practices

Going “Best Practice” on any topic is an expansive statement. But, we will give it a go with some high level anti-patterns and best practices. Some best practices will be general statements about the performance of MongoDB. Indexing Constraints The f…

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