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NewsBits - MongoDB 3.4, Amazon announcements, ReasonDB, Azure in a box, PHP 7.1.0, Git 2.11, Go 1.8 Beta and Node.js developments

NewsBits for the week ending December 2nd - MongoDB 3.4 goes generally available, Amazon announces and previews at Re:invent, building a box for Azure, ReasonDB is reasonable, PHP 7.1.0 and Git 2.11 are released, Go 1.8 is ready for beta testing, an…

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A tour of the Redis stars

On the Redis site is a page that lists Redis clients for various languages. It's very extensive, covering clients that work with languages as diverse as emacs lisp, GNU Prolog, Haskell and C#. Throughout the list, some clients have a star next to the…

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Achieving High Availability & the MongoDB PHP Driver

This is a guest blog by Jake Olefsky, founder of At, we make tools to help people stay organized and productive. Recently, we released "Outlines", a tool enabling hierarchical outlines to organize people in their projects.…

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