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It has been a good year for Compose in 2016 and it's at this time of year, when Thanksgiving comes around, we like think about what we want to give thanks for. As is now Compose tradition, we asked the people of Compose what they were thankful for this year. The responses remind us that there is still plenty to be thankful for.


It's the things that bring people together that we can be thankful for. Chris Winslett, weaver of databases, was thankful for the Postgres community, "It is fantastic. Every Postgres conference I've been in has been inclusive and amazing for growing the community. It's an authentic community searching for the best for the database" while Lisa Smith, manipulator of metrics, was thankful for PostgreSQL itself "because :allthethings:".

Lisa's untranslated emoji thanks remind me that Slack is the home for a lot of communities now and, despite it prodding us throughout the day, it's brought a lot of people together, so I'm thankful for Slack and all the other ways of connecting people as groups. Katherine Hayden, growth encoder, reminded us what's special about great communities: "I am thankful to be part of inclusive, supportive communities."


This year has seen so many people join Compose as we've expanded inside IBM. The new-comers have already been enjoying Compose. Paul Banks, creator of code, was one of the new intake saying "I'm thankful for moving to Compose. Great new people to work with on fun problems - I'm learning a ton of new stuff!". Arick DiSilva, maker of marketing, was thankful "for starting a new career with such a wonderful team."

Abdullah Alger, blog builder, was "thankful for working with a bunch of smart and interesting people" and Simon Heywood, in support, said he was "grateful for starting at Compose with folk that are so willing to teach and help." John O'Conner, a very new article assembler at Compose, was thankful "for the opportunity to share my passion with the world and for the team that is making that possible now."

It's not just people; it's the culture they create. Lisa Smith was also thankful "to work with people that value continual learning, autonomy alongside collaboration, and just having fun. Thank you, Compose peeps!". A big part of that culture is remote working. Dusty Hall was " truly thankful for good health, working remote and everyone that is Compose" while Simon Heywood was "thankful I don't have to cycle through this winter. Remote working FTW".


Compose may be a family, but our families are more important, not only for support but perspective. "I'm thankful that my family is in good health and that we live in a safe place," said Brent Eicher, another Compose developer, observing that "The older I get, the more I realize how precious these two things are". Ross Fisher, in support, was similarly thankful, especially "for my daughter. A 9-year-old may be challenging sometimes but seeing her face light up makes my day". Arick also thanked "God for saving my nephew from a terrible accident." Jon Silvers, over in marketing, was "thankful for a wonderful family and a new puppy who flew all the way from Taiwan and has successfully learned English commands (despite that he often resolutely won't follow them)."

And everything else

"I am thankful that antibiotics still work most of the time," said Dan Connor, activator of APIs. Simon Heywood, remembering the musicians who we've lost this year, was thankful for "all the great music that has been released this year: Gurr, Honeyblood, tc, All Tvvins, De La Soul, Kate Tempest, M83, Ladyhawke, Friction...". And Nick Stott, structurer of the infra, said he was "thankful that our writers have flexible deadlines."

So let's all be thankful, for supportive and inclusive communities, companies, co-workers and cultures and start looking forward the year ahead.

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