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This is your weekly summary of Compose news for those changes and updates which can make your life easier. In this edition, the beginning of the end for MongoDB Classic, MySQL 5.7.22 becomes the preferred Compose for MySQL version and the last call to self-upgrade your Redis. We also take a look at the past week's Compose Articles.

Retiring MongoDB Classic

Released concurrently with this Noteworthy is the news that MongoDB Classic on Compose is reaching End of Life. The product, which has been with us since 2014, has been succeeded by our current offering, Compose for MongoDB. The most immediate change is in 30 days; the removal of new provisions of MongoDB Classic to users who are not already running it. Please read the official announcement, Retiring MongoDB Classic on Compose for more on the near-term and long-term step-down plans.

Compose for MySQL 5.7.22

Last Monday, MySQL 5.7.22 became available on Compose. As is our policy, this week it becomes the preferred MySQL version. From July 16th onward, all new Compose for MySQL deployments will default to MySQL version 5.7.22. Users who automate deployments of MySQL via the API will see the change as new deployments will all default to MySQL version 5.7.22.

Redis Security Update - Last Call

Last week, users of Compose's Redis deployments that are still running a version of Redis 3.x below 3.2.12 and Redis 4.x below 4.0.10 received an email stating that that we will start to upgrade them to Redis version 4.0.10. This follows the release and patching of a security vulnerability in the Lua scripting module, which we wrote about in the article Redis Security Updates at Compose - June 2018. With that came the release of Redis versions 3.2.12 and 4.0.10 which fixed the vulnerability, and users given notice to manually upgrade their deployments. We are continuing to support Redis version 3.2.12, and users running version 3.2.12 deployments will not be automatically upgraded. Also unaffected are those users running Redis 2.8.x, as there is no patch available. If you wish to run Redis 3.2.12, please upgrade to it ASAP. Otherwise, all other 3.x and 4.x Redis versions will be upgraded to 4.0.10 starting on July 18th.

Compose Articles

The quiet days of summer are upon us and Compose is no exception. But in case you missed it, last week's Noteworthy contained the release announcement of MySQL 5.7.22 and the new documentation for our Compose command-line tool, Bach. On Friday we did our weekly NewsBits on Scylla 2.2 featuring Cassandra 2.2 compatible implementation of RBAC, Role-Based Access Control. Also mentioned, Rally for Elasticsearch benchmarking, the last Conduit release, and a super-duper-handy cheat sheet.

That's it for this week's Noteworthy at Compose. Onwards to next week!

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