The RethinkDB Movie Box Set


Each version of RethinkDB has had a movie title associated with its release and, at Compose, we thought it'd be fun to wander back through that movie list and see what the movies were, what got added to RethinkDB and maybe work out the secret of the movie list. So settle down with the popcorn as we go back to the past...

2.0 - Yojimbo


Film: Akira Kurosawa was inspired by 1942's The Glass Key to create the tale of a cunning ronin who sets two crime lords against each other in 1860's Japan.

RethinkDB: 2.0 sees the first Production Ready RethinkDB.

1.16 - Stand By Me

Stand By Me

Film: Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman and Jerry O'Connell are the 12 year old friends who go to look for a body in Stephen King's coming of age story.

RethinkDB: New administration APIs and complex query changefeeds appear in RethinkDB.

1.15 - Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia

Film: David Lean takes Robert Bolt's screenplay and Peter O'Toole at his finest to bring the life of the controversial T. E. Lawrence to the big screen, winning seven Oscars in the process.

RethinkDB: Geospatial objects and queries appear in this release.

1.14 - Brazil


Film: Terry Gilliam's masterpiece of disfunctional-futures. Pryce's Sam Lowry falls into a bureaucratic spiral and he tries to correct an error and ends up an enemy of the state.

RethinkDB: Binary data, seamless migration and Python 3 get support in 1.14.

1.13 - My Name is Nobody

My Name is Nobody

Film: Henry Fonda plays a once great gunfighter who finds himself set up to go out in a blaze of glory in a comedy for an Old West that never was.

RethinkDB: 1.13 sees r.http appear for external data access and change feed support with changes.

1.12 - The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

Film: The original, and still iconic, vision of L.Frank Baum's Oz sees Dorothy blown into the land of the yellow brick road.

RethinkDB: Behind the curtain, 1.12 had a simpler map/reduce and new caching infrastructure.

1.11 - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Film: Blake Edwards brought Truman Capote's novel to the screen, with Audrey Hepburn bringing Holly Golightly to life, though the Oscar's went to Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer for the music which includes Moon River.

RethinkDB: After breakfast, 1.11 brought a new query profiler and reworked streaming.

1.10 - Von Ryan's Express

Von Ryan's Express

Film: Frank Sinatra and Trevor Howard starred in this World War II thriller of prisoners escaping the Germans.

RethinkDB: Multi-indexes and selective history deletion were among 1.10's additions.

1.9 - Kagemusha


Film: It's the second appearance for Akira Kurosawa in the RethinkDB movie list, this time for his 1980 story of a thief who becomes a samurai warlord's double.

RethinkDB: 1.9 saw much improved performance and lots of bug fixes.

1.8 - High Noon

High Noon

Film: The classic western sees Gary Cooper's Marshal Kane face off a deadly enemy without the support of the townsfolk.

RethinkDB: An especially appropriate film as 1.8 added date/time support.

1.7 - Nights of Cabiria

Nights of Cabiria

Film: Frederico Fellini's tale of love and heartbreak on the streets of Rome brought him the 1958 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

RethinkDB: Hot backups and atomic get and set operations came to RethinkDB.

1.6 - Fargo


Film: The Coen brothers weaved a web of incompetent crime and persistant police in this murder story which features snow and a woodchipper

RethinkDB: The database got access control and regular expressions.

1.5 - The Graduate

The Graduate

Film: Hoffman's Braddock and Bancroft's Mrs Robinson stumble in and out of an affair in a movie which also brought us one of the great Simon and Garfunkel songs.

RethinkDB: The arrival of secondary indexes is marked by this release.

1.4 - Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot

Film: With Billy Wilder directing Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in this musicians-in-drag-and-on-the-run caper, Some Like It Hot was always going to be a classic comedy

RethinkDB: The ReQL wire protocol and client drivers got a revamp in 1.4.

1.3 - Metropolis


Film: The imagery of Fritz Lang's vision of a gleaming future of a Utopia powered by the toil of workers is ingrained in our visual culture now. It is also the oldest film on the RethinkDB Movie list (1927).

RethinkDB: RethinkDB goes native on Mac OS X.

1.2 - Rashomon


Film: And we return a third time to the work of Akira Kurosawa. Rashomon's view of an incident from multiple points of view became the foundation of the director's reputation for superb film-making.

RethinkDB: The first public release of RethinkDB.

The secrets of the film list...

So, what were the films selected for RethinkDB 1.0 and 1.1? They never got a film because the film names only arrived with the first public release. And the common thread that ties the films together? After careful probing and investigation, all that could be uncovered was that... "they were all films we really liked". That said, your movie collection would be richer with the presence of any one of these films.

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