The Woodshed: A Peek at the Awesome Apps MongoHQ Users are Building


At MongoHQ we know you're coming up with new ways to use MongoDB, building exciting applications that we haven't even thought of -- and we live and breathe this stuff all day long! We’re talking SaaS and Mobile apps that improve the way we do things, provide better information to consumers, and, often, simply make life easier and more fun. And we think that's awesome.

For us, nothing is more important than our users’ continued success. When we hear about the amazing work you’re doing, we want to celebrate by sharing your stories with our larger community.

We’ve compiled a collection of cool stories showcasing what our users are doing. Today’s blog focuses on just a few, with more to come. Whether you’re doing something groundbreaking or just making things better, we’re interested. Share your story with us!

Kidooly, Inc. Pre-school teachers don’t relish paperwork, and parents want to be more intimately connected to their children’s school experience. The technologists at Kidooly understand this conundrum, and are focused on fostering better interaction and communications among parents, children and teachers/caregivers. Kidooly has created a cloud service that enables teachers to share and parents to receive updates on their child’s activities through a secure account with restricted access to only family and trusted friends. Parents not only have a real-time pulse on what their children are doing all day while way from home, but also are more prepared to discuss those activities with them at day’s end. In turn, caregivers are able to streamline their documentation, spending less time on paperwork, and more time creating a great learning experience for the kids.

Tablelist Tablelist’s founder was vacationing in Brazil in 2012 when he first had the idea for a mobile app that makes it easy for consumers to book table service at nightclubs and lounges and then split the bill with friends. With the goal of “democratizing nightlife”, Tablelist was born to allow users to find cool venues and book tables at all of Boston and Las Vegas’ nightclubs at any given time, avoiding cover charges, lines and having to interact directly with nightclub promoters. Tablelist app runs on iOS and Android and is expanding to NYC soon!

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