Try Elasticsearch, Get a Shirt


To dig deeper into your data, you need a database built for deeply searching through text. That's where Elasticsearch comes in as it indexes, scores and aggregates. Elasticsearch is a full-text search engine that packs the indexing strengths of a JSON document database and gives you a powerful tool for indexing and searching with lightening speed. Elasticsearch supports strings, numbers, dates, geographic points, and even custom types and provides you with full-text search or you can build powerful analytics dashboards with a fully managed Elasticsearch instance.

We want you to give Elasticsearch a try so, in the month of June, if you try spinning up a new Elasticsearch deployment on Compose, we’ll send you a limited-edition shirt.

If you’ve already got data in another database type at Compose, just deploy an Elasticsearch database and get searching through your data like never before. Elasticsearch is a great complement to your other database types like MongoDB and Postgres.

If you’re not using Compose, just sign up and spin up an Elasticsearch database. If you are running your databases with Compose, just login, click deployments and spin up a new Elasticsearch instance. Either way, you’ll get a spiffy new shirt; we’ll send you an email with a link to the order form. Fill it out with all the info we need to send your shirt to you and keep an eye on your mailbox. We’re sure you’re going to love Elasticsearch and the shirt.

Thom Crowe
Thom Crowe was a marketing and community guy at Compose, who enjoys long walks on the beach, reading, spending time with his wife and daughter and tinkering. Love this article? Head over to Thom Crowe’s author page to keep reading.

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