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PostgreSQL is a favourite database around Compose. From our in-house developers to our customers, we've come for the relational database and discovered PostgreSQL's rich SQL dialect, with features to aid analytics and warehousing. And then there's PostgreSQL's ability to store, index and query JSON data without losing the schemas and structure of a relational store. Add to that PostGIS's comprehensive geo data support and other extensions just a click away in the Compose console and you have a veritable powerhouse for your data.

If you haven't explored the power of PostgreSQL yet then this month is a great month to try it. Spin up a PostgreSQL instance in August and we'll let you settle down with one of Compose's limited edition shirts - the PostgreSQL one of course. A limited edition shirt for trying out a database of limitless possibilities.

Go ahead and get started

If you’re already up and running with Compose, just login, click deployments and spin up a new Postgres instance.

If you haven’t tried Compose, head over and sign up for your free 30 day trial. The trial gives you a chance to try PostgreSQL as well as our other offerings including MongoDB, Redis, RethinkDB, Elasticsearch, etcd and RabbitMQ.

Then I get a shirt?

Yep. After you sign up a new Postgres deployment, you'll get an email with a link to order your shirt. Fill out the form and enjoy the awesomeness of Compose Postgres while you wait for your shirt in the mail.

Learn More

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