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It's the start of a new year and the end of another cycle of Write stuff at Compose. Back in November, we asked writers to submit articles to Write Stuff to give you a platform to discuss databases and innovative ways to use them. Each writer who got an article published received $200 cash and $200 of Compose database credit. For this cycle, we again saw a large number of submissions and all writers got their articles published.

We want to reward our Write Stuff authors and we need your help. We've collected all seven articles of this cycle together and we want you to pick your favorite. Over the next week, we'll look at the results, and in combination with a panel of judges at Compose, we'll select the article that will give its author a $1000 bonus. So check out the articles below, choose the one that you liked the best - and optionally, leave your email address and we'll randomly select voters to receive some Compose swag!

Read the articles above and then select your favorite on the voting form below. The closing date for votes is February 13, 2017.

Do you have something you want to write about? If you would like to take part in Write Stuff, you'll find more details on the program page. The seventh cycle starts on February 1st and runs until the end of April.

For the next cycle, we are open to all ideas for database related articles, from how-tos to why-nots, from first steps to deep dives. If it's your first time writing and you have a subject or topic you know well, write about that. If you are new to writing but have an idea, we can help you make sure that it's headed in the right direction for our audience.

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Abdullah Alger
Abdullah Alger is a former University lecturer who likes to dig into code, show people how to use and abuse technology, talk about GIS, and fish when the conditions are right. Coffee is in his DNA. Love this article? Head over to Abdullah Alger’s author page to keep reading.
This article is licensed with CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 by Compose.

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