About Our Website Redesign


Today we're launching a completely redesigned website for Compose. In many ways, the Compose website has been a reflection of the work we've been doing with managed databases. Go back far enough and we were MongoHQ, and our website reflected our focus on MongoDB. But we were working hard on becoming something else; a company that supported all databases. That required a new platform, the Compose platform, and we changed our name, introduced Elasticsearch and we made some changes to the website to reflect that.

Then we kept evolving the platform and the databases we supported. Each new database would be added to the site as we brought it online and we tuned our platform and website to better support it. Eventually, we reached a point where we could introduce databases to the Compose cloud hosting platform and they'd slip into the portfolio as if they'd always been there.

The real work has been happening behind the scenes. We've taken the Compose platform beyond AWS — to Google Cloud Platform and SoftLayer, too. The platform technology powers Compose clusters behind the scenes at IBM Bluemix. We brought out Compose Enterprise to deliver the Compose experience with dedicated clusters. And deeper down, there are now more people working on the Compose platform and databases than ever before, delivering an unparalleled experience in delivering production-ready, life-cycle proofed open source databases.

With all that change, and with all the improvements planned, we thought it was time to signal that with a whole new website design that reflects the power and ease of Compose. The new design resonates with the whole new perspective on delivering and managing databases that we bring to the table. We hope you like it.

Have any feedback on the new website? Catch any bugs or typos? Tweet at us @composeio or email us at community@compose.com to let us know.

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