Welcoming Liz to the MongoHQ Team!


Late last week, we added Liz to our marketing team! We are excited to have her, and we wanted to introduce her to the MongoHQ community. Liz is spearheading many of our community outreach programs. We pitched a few questions to her:


What is your Github handle?

Since joining MongoHQ, I've created a Github account. It is sparse, but I am at: https://github.com/lizmorgan

* If you are allowed to disclose, what is your superpower?*

Animal telepathy (just like Dr Dolittle).

*Of all the things you've worked on, which project(s) are you the most proud? *

Putting together fabulous consumer competitions and helping to plan a flashmob!

What do you look forward to doing at MongoHQ?

I'm looking forward to learning more about the tech industry, becoming an expert on all things MongoDB, and getting the word out about what a great product MongoHQ is - and more importantly what an amazing team of people we have here at MongoHQ!

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