Do You Have The Write Stuff For Compose Articles?


TL;DR: Compose is launching Write Stuff: a rolling program to find new writers in the database world – with cash and database credit for successful article creators.

Writing about technology is not easy, at least not if you want to do it well. If you look at what you read, you'll probably find a handful of writers who can cover the technological detail and the big picture those details are found in.

But we know there's a lot of potential talent out there. There's a lot of knowledge out there and a lot of it isn't written down. Some of you do try and get it down in pixels. You may be blogging, you may be just occasionally blogging or maybe you haven't got the time to put into writing and trying to build an audience for a blog. You may be looking for something a little more directly motivating.

That's where Compose's Write Stuff – and the opportunity to earn up to $900 in cash and database credit for an article – comes in. We want to give you the motivation to write great articles.

How does it work?

Starting from today and renewing every three months, we're inviting you to pitch your ideas for articles on Compose. We're looking for articles that have something to do with database technology.

Whether it be a deep dive into how you use databases in your technology stack or useful tips and tricks for a particular database. You can write about the philosophy, and practicalities, of database ideas, or muse on the best and worst practices you've encountered.

But those are only examples, we want to hear your ideas. We especially want to hear ideas which involve one or more of the current Compose databases, but that doesn't mean it can't be about other database technologies.

If you want to write, but aren't sure what to write about, drop us a line at and we'll work with you to help you come up with an idea.

Submit your idea and a short sample of your writing through our Compose's Write Stuff page. We'll come back to you with feedback and possibly some questions before moving on to make a decision...

From the moment we say yes to your idea, you'll be commissioned to produce an article within a month. You'll be able to call on the online mentoring of Compose's Content Curator so you can sharpen your skills at the same time.

We'll pay you $200 cash and $200 in Compose database credits, when you successfully get your final article accepted. We'll then publish it on Compose's popular Articles site under a CC4.0 BY-NC-SA license.

The Bonus Moment

But there's more. At the end of each three-month cycle, we'll be running a poll of readers for their favorite article from the previous three months of Write Stuff. The results of that, combined with scoring and an invited panel's scores, will select who's earned a bonus for having the Write Stuff.

That bonus will be $500 cash for their article. They will also be invited to join the judging panel in the next cycle of Compose's Write Stuff. The invited panel will also decide on whether to offer a further bonus – an opportunity to become a regular paid contributor, either freelance or full-time, for Compose Articles – for Write Stuff writers who impress them.

If you're excited by the chance to show you've got the Write Stuff for Compose then head over to Compose's Write Stuff page and get going! Get your article ideas submitted soon so you can get writing sooner.

Dj Walker-Morgan
Dj Walker-Morgan was Compose's resident Content Curator, and has been both a developer and writer since Apples came in II flavors and Commodores had Pets. Love this article? Head over to Dj Walker-Morgan’s author page to keep reading.

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