XHack 2012


While there have certainly been a great number of hacking events as of late,XHack 2012 (MongoHQ is an API Partner) has a unique twist. The primary focus of this event is to bring together numerous web services companies that offer APIs to their products and provide an avenue (and food and prizes) for developers to learn more about these technologies and piece them together in interesting ways to create new and useful products.

In short, it is a great opportunity to spend a few hours making new friends, enjoy some food, and play with the latest and greatest technology companies on the web. Plus, there is a $5,000 Grand Prize, so hey, that is some serious motivation to have a bit of fun.

As you see from the list, the MongoHQ REST API will be on display along with many other great APIs, allowing developers to easily provision, interact with and manage MongoDB databases. In fact, there are numerous uses for our API, using MongoDB as a provisioning layer for web, mobile and javascript-based apps.

The event is being held at the RadiumOne offices in San Francisco and will run from June 8-10, 2012.

For more information, follow @xhack2012.

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