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The next cycle of Compose's Write Stuff begins today and runs for three months. Write Stuff is Compose's programme to give those experienced in the ways of databases a chance to write. It also lets them be rewarded, with $200 cash and $200 of Compose credit, for any article they get published through the programme. That could mean you.

We're looking for people who understand databases, have real world experience of them, develop code using them or for them, administer or manage them. If that's you then we want you to write about it. Over on the Write Stuff page, there's a form for you to drop in your idea for an article that you'd like to write.

If you don't have a specific idea, give us an idea of your experience and we'll talk about what you could write about. We then select ideas that show most potential and let you get writing. If you need help or advice or simple feedback, our Technical Content Curator will be available for mentoring as you go through the process until your article is ready to publish of Compose Articles.

So what are you waiting for? This second cycle will finish at the end of January 2016, but get your ideas and entries in well before then. We already have some late cycle one entries which we are carrying over into cycle two. You may ask why the time limit? Well, each cycle of Write Stuff also sees a bonus awarded to one writer, so we have to have some cut off point. And talking about that...

Today is also the end of the first cycle of Write Stuff where with your help we've selected the writer who deserves that Write Stuff bonus of $500. It was close, but after voting and discussions by the Compose panel, Matt Barr has been selected as Write Stuff Cycle one's favourite writer.

Matt's article "Simple Index Checking with PostgreSQL" offered everything we look for in a Write Stuff article: real world experience tied to great domain knowledge, effective tools and advice and all clearly communicated. It's with great pleasure that we get to award Matt the $500 bonus for this cycle.

Dj Walker-Morgan
Dj Walker-Morgan was Compose's resident Content Curator, and has been both a developer and writer since Apples came in II flavors and Commodores had Pets. Love this article? Head over to Dj Walker-Morgan’s author page to keep reading.

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