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Comparing Managed Services Providers

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Data HandlingCompose
Migration to other DBMSYesNoNoNo
Data browserYesYesYesNo
Free data transferYesNoYesYes
Additional databases offeredYes
10 DBs to choose from
3 DBs
HostingComposeMongoDB AtlasMlabObject Rocket
Zero-downtime auto-scalingYesNoNoNo
Vertical ScalingYesNoExtra cost
Available on Shared & Dedicated clusters only
Monitoring & Disaster RecoveryComposeMongoDB AtlasMlabObject Rocket
Free backupsYesNo
$2.50/mo per GB after 1 GB
Automated backupYesYesYesYes
On-demand backupYesNoYesYes
Disk compressionYesYesNoNo
Full-Stack Apps HostingComposeMongoDB AtlasMlabObject Rocket
Sysadmin APIYesYesNo
Data API only
Data API only
Available Add-onsComposeMongoDB AtlasMlabObject Rocket
Oplog AccessYesNoNoNo
SecurityComposeMongoDB AtlasMlabObject Rocket
TLS/SSLYesYesExtra costYes
Encryption at RestYes
Standard on GCP.
SupportComposeMongoDB AtlasMlabObject Rocket
End-to-end MongoDB supportYesExtra costYesYes

A small note
This comparison table is created from publicly available information on respective vendor sites, documentation, and online reviews. If any offering has changed or you notice any inaccuracies, please let us know and we will correct them.

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Fully-Managed vs Cloud-Only Platforms

Ever thought about hosting your MongoDB instances in-house or on cloud platforms like AWS, GCP or Azure? It may seem cheaper, but in reality the cost of maintenance, performance tuning, and support can be quite high. It will take more time and effort to manage your data layer – expensive resources that could be invested in your core business of building apps. In a self-hosted scenario, you may very well end up incurring higher Total Cost of Ownership due to the complexity and unpredictable nature of workload requirements. Here’s a table that shows what you get from the two different hosting options:

FeatureCompose (Fully Managed Service)Self-Hosted (Cloud Only Platforms)
Auto-backup & restoreYesNo
One-click deploymentYesNo
Server configurationYesManual
One-stop supportYes
Full service including server and database
Separate vendors for databases, addon, servers, etc
24/7/365 supportYesManual
Extra cost
UI for common DB tasksYesNo
Patch managementAutomaticManual
DB securityYesManual
Data browserYesManual
DB health monitoring and alertsYesManual
DB addonsYesManual
Automatic migrationYesNo
High availabilityYesManual
Extra cost
Multi-node replicationYesManual
Extra cost
Data center flexibilityYesNo
Simplified pricing with clear Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)YesNo

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