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JanusGraph is a scalable graph database optimized for storing and querying highly-interconnected data. Simple and efficient retrieval of data from these complex structures is enabled by JanusGraph’s Apache TinkerPop compatibility allowing users to perform efficient queries that would be difficult or impossible with a traditional RDBMS. Graph databases are particularly adept at use cases such as fraud detection, counter-intelligence, behavior modeling, and wherever complex interactions and networks exist.

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Deployment configuration

With JanusGraph on Compose there are two major elements. The graph processing is done by memory optimized Engine nodes of which there are two by default. Access to them is provided through HAproxy TCP portal which round-robins incoming connections between the Engines. Behind the Engines is JanusGraph Storage, a three node Scylla database cluster with full replication between nodes for reliability. This layer holds the underlying graph data and other information to the Engines.

Serious about security

Platform security

JanusGraph deployments run in their own private VLAN, isolated from other traffic and access is entirely managed by active portals. Those portals only accept SSL/TLS encrypted traffic. All Gremlin commands are run in a sandbox to ensure they remain safely isolated to interacting with the Graph.

Admin controls

The Compose Console for managing and viewing your databases operates with its own account scheme with multiple sub-users and roles to enable you to control access to your database administration. The Compose account scheme also includes the option to use two factor authentication to ensure the right people are logging in.

All your databases, one platform

Compose makes it easy to deploy your favorite open source databases in minutes into your preferred cloud datacenter on fast SSDs. Everything you need to run a performant database is available through the Compose web console or Compose APIs.

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