Hosted Elasticsearch

Instantly add a hosted and fully-managed search engine to your application. Starting at only $45.00/mo.

30 Free Days, Unlimited Deployments

Elasticsearch on Compose

Elasticsearch combines the power of a full text search engine with the indexing strengths of a JSON document database to create a powerful tool for rich data analysis on large volumes of data. With Elasticsearch your searching can be scored for exactness letting you dig through your data set for those close matches and near misses which you could be missing.

Explore Your Data

Perform lightning fast, full-text searches without pre-defined indexes. Elasticsearch supports strings, numbers, dates, geographic points, and even custom types.

Provide full-text search or build powerful analytics dashboards with a fully managed Elasticsearch instance.

Only Pay For What You Use

Forget servers—Compose manages powerful SSD-backed hardware and you only pay by the GB. With Elasticsearch, your storage grows with your database without any surprises.

Start with your first 2GB for $45.00, then as your database grows, it's only $18.00 for each additional GB. Easy.

Run Your Database with Confidence

Deploy your databases on the same data center as your application. Every database can be deployed on Compose-hosted AWS or SoftLayer servers.

Every deployment includes:

  • Multi-node cluster for reliability and high availability
  • Automatic failover
  • Managed disaster recovery backups
  • 24/7 operations team

With private VLAN, IP whitelisting, haproxy, SSL, 2-factor authentication, full-stack monitoring, and custom alerts, your Elasticsearch deployment is vigorously protected.

Highly available, autoscaling databases with automatic backups

30 Free Days, Unlimited Deployments