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Let etcd manage the state of your server cluster. Get started now at only $28.50/mo.

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etcd on Compose

etcd puts the “distributed” in distributed server configuration management. This key/value store holds the always-correct data you need to coordinate and manage your server cluster.

Compose provides automatic backups of your configuration data stored in etcd and an intuitive administrative interface that lets you monitor, scale, and administer your deployment with ease.

The Source of Truth

etcd uses the RAFT consensus algorithm to assure data consistency in your cluster and also enforces the order in which operations take place in the data so that every node in the cluster arrives at the same result in the same way. This is how etcd ensures the server cluster state is the source of truth. Additionally, features like atomic CAS and CAD commands (which keep keys and values from being inadvertently overwritten or deleted) and the ability to wait and watch for changes to keys and values (which means your applications can stay up-to-date) provide the rigor you require for your configuration data and the applications that rely on it.

Clustered and Scaled for High Availability

Your deployment comes with 3 member nodes in the cluster and 2 haproxy portals for high availability and reliability.

And don't worry about scaling as your usage increases. You'll start with 256MB of RAM on each member node for $28.50/mo. Additional increases of 256MB of RAM are only $19.50 each. Your disk size, CPU and I/O performance increase as your deployment scales. Also, with etcd you can control the persistence of the data so you only keep what you really need.

Run Your Database with Confidence

Deploy your databases on the same data center as your application. Every database can be deployed on Compose-hosted AWS or SoftLayer servers.

Every deployment includes:

  • Multi-node cluster for reliability and high availability
  • Automatic failover
  • Managed disaster recovery backups
  • 24/7 operations team

And you can rest easy when it comes to the security of your deployment. We provide features such as private VLAN, IP whitelisting and SSL. In addition, our web-based administration console offers 2-factor authentication and user management for your etcd deployment.

High availability comes standard with every deployment through haproxy portals for load balancing and failover. We've got you covered.

Highly available, autoscaling databases with automatic backups

30 Free Days, Unlimited Deployments