Hosted MongoDB

A rock solid MongoDB deployment platform optimized for scale, speed and security.

30 Free Days, Unlimited Deployments

MongoDB on Compose

MongoDB® has been a leader among document databases. With its powerful indexing and querying, aggregation and wide driver support, it has become the go-to database for many startups and enterprises.

Compose brings out the best in MongoDB by stripping away the stress of deploying, administering and scaling your databases. We provide a stable, elegant and powerful auto-scaling deployment platform to build your applications upon.

Your MongoDB Deployment Platform

We provision databases for hundreds of customers every day. Each customer benefits from years of at-scale MongoDB expertise.

  • Best-practice MongoDB, available to you in seconds.
  • AWS, Digital Ocean (MongoDB Classic only), Softlayer, Google Cloud Platform - deploy next to your application.
  • Scale with consistent performance
  • Your choice of storage engine: MMAPV1 or WiredTiger
  • SSL enabled, private VLAN, IP white-listing

Your Database Grows With You

Under the hood your Compose MongoDB deployment includes two routers with haproxy, three configuration servers, and an arbiter supporting the member and backup nodes –- all on your own private VLAN.

With the MMAPV1 storage engine, your deployment contains 3 data nodes, 1GB of data and 102MB of RAM for only $31/mo and $18 per extra GB.

Or, you can power up to the WiredTiger storage engine, with 4GB of data and 1GB of RAM on the 3 data nodes for $133 and $30 per extra GB.

Run Your Database with Confidence

Deploy your databases on the same data center as your application. Every database can be deployed on Compose-hosted AWS or SoftLayer servers.

Every deployment includes:

  • Multi-node cluster for reliability and high availability
  • Automatic failover
  • Managed disaster recovery backups
  • 24/7 operations team

With a private VLAN, haproxy portals with IP whitelisting and SSL options, and 2-factor authentication for admin console access, your MongoDB deployment is vigorously protected.

Explore Your Data

You want to see your data in motion. We built the beautiful Compose data browser to help you navigate your documents and bring the MongoDB console to life. Non-technical friendly!

  • Console-like experience on the web
  • Query and update data with color-coded and validated JSON
  • Create collections and add documents
  • Build new indexes from your browser

Highly available, autoscaling databases with automatic backups

30 Free Days, Unlimited Deployments