Hosted PostgreSQL

Cloud-hosted, production-ready Postgres database deployed in minutes.

30 Free Days, Unlimited Deployments

PostgreSQL on Compose

PostgreSQL is the first SQL database to make its way to Compose. Postgres is a powerful, open source object-relational database that is highly customizable. With Postgres, development is fast and easily scalable, plus you can develop in a language you're comfortable with like C/C++, Perl, Python, TCL/TK, Delphi/Kylix, VB, PHP, ASP, and Java just for starters. It's a feature-rich enterprise database with JSON support, giving you the best of both the SQL and NoSQL worlds.

Monitor Your Database Simply

Compose was started and run by developers who understand the importance of monitoring your data. That's why we've built easy-to-use monitoring tools, including a real-time dashboard and automated alerts.

Grow Your Database Effortlessly

The sky's the limit. With us, your database can grow as it needs to, automatically. You shouldn't spend your time worrying about storage, so forget about servers, we've got those under control.

You can start with 1GB for $17.50/mo and, as your data grows, so does your database for only $12.00 for each additional GB. Your RAM, CPU, and I/O performance increase as your data scales.

Available on Amazon Web Services

For maximum performance, your application should run adjacent to your database. We choose AWS for the same reason you do: it's just so good at what it does. Learn more about Compose PostgreSQL on AWS

Run Your Database with Confidence

Deploy your databases on the same data center as your application. Every database can be deployed on Compose-hosted AWS, SoftLayer or Google Cloud Platform servers.

Every deployment includes:

  • Multi-node cluster for reliability and high availability
  • Automatic failover
  • Managed disaster recovery backups
  • 24/7 operations team

With a private VLAN, haproxy portals with IP whitelisting and SSL options, and 2-factor authentication for admin console access, your PostgreSQL deployment is vigorously protected.

Highly available, autoscaling databases with automatic backups

30 Free Days, Unlimited Deployments