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Meridian , Idaho

Our firm, Riafox, is based in Meridian, Idaho. We use Compose to host our Mongo databases for a variety of custom cloud-based software. For the most part, we have clients based in the northwest region of the US and are hoping to expand further into the US and Europe soon.

Our projects range from form builders to complex operations management tools. We've been able to assist companies automate their business, deliver solutions to mobile devices, create-cloud based services and mash-ups to various APIs since 2007. We originally signed up with Compose when they were known as MongoHQ. They made life easier working with Mongo and so we've been with them ever since.

We loved moving our database of choice to MongoDB and although we love MongoDB, maintaining it properly can require some serious setup. Compose has been a huge part of our plan to provide a powerful and reliable NoSQL solution for our own products as well as those of our clients. We rely on the ability to be able to reliably deliver and scale our solutions that Compose makes possible.

Compose has become an important part of our business at Riafox and we plan to continue using them.

— Ben Whitaker, Riafox

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