The Write Stuff

Get paid $200 cash and $200 credit to
write about all-things-databases

Get Paid to Write about Databases

We’re looking to find new and old writing talent to contribute to our database articles where we discuss the topics and ideas around real-world database experience, from usage and management to development and optimization. We are looking for capable writers with experience of databases in production who also want to earn $200 in cash and $200 in Compose database credits for their work.

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It’s all About the Database

We want you to help us build a beautiful collection of articles about running databases for modern applications. Write a deep dive into how you use databases in your technology stack. Let people know useful tips and tricks for a particular database. Explain the philosophy and practical implications of database concepts. Or muse on what the best and worst database practices you've encountered are. We'd like articles that refer to databases and messaging systems you can get on Compose – MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, RethinkDB, etcd or RabbitMQ

This cycle we are particularly looking for people to write about using more than one database in an application - MongoDB and Redis, PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch, etcd and RabbitMQ, whatever combination works for a particular application, we want you to write about it. We know there's a lot of polyglot persistence going on out there and we're looking to the people who are doing it to explain how it works and why it works for them.

Earn Cash & Credit

When you successfully get your article accepted for publishing, we'll pay you, $200 cash and $200 in Compose database credits. When the article is published, you'll get the visibility of your article appearing on the Compose's popular Articles site, shared out to our thousands of followers who read our articles and follow us on social media.

Mo’ Money

This cycle there's another $500 cash to be earned. The Write Stuff runs in cycles - the current one ends July 31st 2017 - and at the end of each cycle we will run an online poll of readers asking what their favorite Compose Write Stuff article was. Using those results, combined with internal metrics and scores from an invited panel, we will then decide who's earned the cycle bonus for having the Write Stuff for Compose.

Ongoing Contribution

For the writers who impress us, there will also be the opportunity to be regular, paid contributors to Compose Articles or become a part of the Write Stuff team for the next cycle.

Submit Your Idea

Great articles start with good ideas so, before you send us an article, tell us about what you want to write about or send an outline. We can help ensure it's headed in the right direction for our audience. If so, you'll have a month to produce the fifteen hundred plus words we want for full articles and claim your fortune.

If you're stuck, check out our article collection for some of the things we've written about in the past. Still stuck? Then email us with some details of your interests and experience at and we'll see if we can help you come up with some ideas.